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Hawkeye is a vulnerability monitoring platform that helps organisations proactively manage their cyber security exposure. Hawkeye captures an organisation’s IT infrastructure and technology stacks (software & hardware), and using a correlation engine, Hawkeye alerts the organisation whenever one of its assets is vulnerable to a security flaw disclosed either publicly or in the dark web

Web Monitoring

Monitor your web applications and websites by simply adding the URL of your asset

System Monitoring

Monitor your exposed services by simply adding the IP of your asset

Multichannel Alerts

Receive immediate alerts (across email, sms, slack) when critical vulnerabilities or exploits affect your assets

Assets Mapping

Visualise all your assets with color coded geographical mapping based on your servers location

Reports & Analytics

Review the exposure of your assets through our data analytics and visualisation dashboards

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Feeds

Real Time Alerts

The correlation engine sources the latest vulnerability disclosures by plugging both into public feeds and vulnerability databases (ExploitDB, CVE Details, NIST NVD…) and by crawling vulnerability marketplaces and hacker forums in the dark web. This enables us to alert organisations preemptively before the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure become weaponised or exploitable. The aim of the platform is to manage exposure actively as opposed to spending resources on post-incident response

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Notification channel API release



Integration with most popular SIEM Solutions

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Integration with Metasploit for vulnerability exploitation (Law Enforcement & Intelligence)

Product Guide

Hawkeye’s UI & UX enable a seamless experience on the platform. We make threat management and visibility over your entire IT infrastructure’s vulnerability easier and more accessible to anyone on your tech team.


After logging in to Hawkeye, you can visualize all key statistics and information relevant to the assets you are monitoring. Total number of assets, vulnerabilities count, exploits and number of patches deployed. You can also see the progress over time of how your vulnerability levels change based on the number of disclosures.

Web and System Monitoring

This section allows you to review all the targets you added (be it a URL or IP Address). The pages enable you to see the details of your asset, including the host name, server, services, technology and framework used.

If you click on the asset, a drop down section will appear with further details on your target. By clicking on the report associated with your asset, you can view the vulnerabilities and exploits associated with it.

The target map allows you to visualise all the assets you are tracking and their respective location. If multiple targets are based in the same location, you will be able to see a “+“ sign on the target, and once clicked, it will reveal all the underlying targets that were previously grouped.

Analytics & Reports

The report section enables you to review in detail the vulnerability state of your assets, as well as various analytics across your data.

Analytics: the analytics cards help you review key statistics across your entire assets portfolio, with visual summary of Number of Vulnerabilities by Severity, Number of Hosts by Severity, Number of Services by Host and Number of Vulnerabilities by Service. More analytics cards can be customized for the client on request.

Reports: the Vulnerability report section lists all the vulnerabilities that affect your assets, including the CVE details, summary and criticality level of each vulnerability alongside the vulnerable component.

A filtering filed is available to help you search quickly through your assets by returning targets associated with a specific name, a CVE, a vulnerability or any other keyword.

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